Meet your Acne Specialist

Your Mixi Clear Team Acne Specialist will be Wendy Holmes
- Acne Maddie's Mom and Skin Care Partner

Wendy Holmes

Master Esthetician and Acne Specialist

Founder and Owner of Oceren Skincare in Orange County, CA 
Co-Founder and Owner of Mixi Skincare in Plano, TX
Acne and Face Realty Expert
Cleared 100's of Acne Clients both In House and Virtual Anti-Aging Expert with Clients Worldwide

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What customers are saying...

“Wendy has been awesome to work with, she is super supportive and helped me stay on track. Now I have clear skin and I'm able to manage it on my own"

W. Shen

“My skin has never looked this good. Knowing what products are right for me and how to apply them with a morning and night routine has been a game-changer. Thanks Wendy!"

B. Miller

"I finally said goodbye to my acne and now we are working on getting rid of my acne scarring. Signing up for the Acne Program has changed my life. Highly Recommend working with Wendy. 

H. Hillman